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Hi, I'm Meg

Pull up a seat. Let's get to know each other.

Throughout my adult life I have always been in some type of pastoral ministry, taking roles such as teacher, church planter, and spiritual friend.  My passion for this vital ministry led me to pursue further education and skills. 


I hold a Masters degree in Spiritual Formation from Carey Theological College and have a membership with Spiritual Directors International.


I have had the joy of receiving spiritual direction for a many years and find it a great honor to offer that gift to others.  

Time spent overseas, specifically in Tanzania, has allowed me to see God as wide and ever present, moving uniquely and lovingly no matter your culture, race, or life experience.  God has a beautiful and diverse family whose voices I desire to amplify both here and abroad.

I enjoy being in the trees close to my house in Langley British Columbia, drinking coffee, reading, and spending time with my husband Brad, and our two young adults Jared and Sophie.

So that's a bit about me. Now it's your turn...

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“If the moment you come home from a long trip and sink into your favorite chair was a person, her name would be Meg Sumner.  Supportive, comfortable, grounding, safe, soul-filling and likely with a hot beverage close at hand.  Meg is a woman of great wisdom and she has helped nurture in me a great love for the spiritual disciplines that cultivate my spiritual walk.  Her promptings have attuned me to the way my physical body influences my thoughts which impacts my soul health and back around.  This whole-person approach creates a holding space for wherever I am in my process rather than being a single tool approach or a harsh rubric to succeed or fail. The world would be a kinder place if we all had a Meg in our corner.

- Katy K. 

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