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Prayer Retreats

Prayer retreats can be one day or multiple days.  I will facilitate a retreat to allow those that participate to connect with themselves, God, and others.  These are often quiet and reflective in nature.  They will incorporate select spiritual practices. I can create something that is specific to the needs of your group, or use one that I have already led and prepared.

I can also lead hour long contemplative and meditative practices that can be incorporated into your retreat, or group environment.

I can also be hired to be a Spiritual Director for one-on-one sessions with those you are leading at your retreat meeting.

Please contact me directly to discuss customizing your retreat.

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The enneagram is an ancient tool that can help uncover our motivations and desires.  As we grow to understand ourselves, we are able to walk in greater freedom and health in all areas of our lives.  The enneagram also allows us to see God as our creator in a new way, understanding the ways he has designed us.  My work with the enneagram has been some of my most personally transforming for my whole self – body, soul, and mind.  I love walking with groups or individuals through a deeper understanding of the enneagram through teaching, listening, and sharing.

Spiritual Practices

Drawing from historical and theological practices we will explore new ways to connect to God and draw deeper into one’s awareness. 


These workshops can be done in small and large formats. They will include teaching, as well as embodied practice. 


Debriefing what is experienced will allow a wider learning and reflection.

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What participants are saying about Meg

Meg led our young adults group through an enneagram workshop and I could not have been any happier! She was able to listen and adapt to our group’s dynamics, while giving us helpful tools to use. She facilitated great discussion tailored to everyone’s number that helped us learn more about ourselves while growing closer as a group. I have been able to see how her teachings have positively impacted my personal life in a very short period already!

Jamie G

Spiritual Practices Consult

An Individual approach

Writing by the Water

Sometimes in our spiritual life we are needing new tools. The tools we have used in the past don’t seem to be serving us in the same way they used to. I would love to help you explore some new practices that might serve you well in the season you are in. 


This might include a variety of ways to read and reflect on scripture, prayer practices such as welcoming and centering prayer, or using prompts or tools such as art and nature to draw you into prayer. 


This would be personally tailored and offered in gentleness for you to explore.

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