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A Few of Meg's Favorite
Spiritual Formation Resources
SBT Word.jpg

"Shaped by the Word"

M. Robert Mulholand

Reading scripture has to be more than gaining information. Mullholland teaches his readers ways to read and engage with scripture that brings about a formational approach.

Benner book cover.jpg

"The Gift of Being Yourself"

David G. Benner

This book is a great example of how psychology and spirituality go together. Through the process of understanding ourselves better we are able to see and know God deeper. A small but powerful book.

nouwen SF book cover.jpg

"Spiritual Formation"

Henri Nouwen

This book highlights the movements in prayer from our minds and in our hearts.  I appreciate the reflection questions and exercises.

Bless Space Betwen Us.jpg

"To Bless the Space

Between Us"

John O'Donohue

To borrow someone else's prayers allows us to speak and connect in ways that we sometimes struggle with in our own words. O'Donohue brings his Celtic traditions into his beautiful book of blessings that journey through many of life's transitions and emotions.


"Learning to Walk in the Dark"

Barbara Brown Taylor

We all journey through seasons of darkness. This book explores the jewels as well as the struggles as one walks through the dark. A helpful read for those challenging seasons.

EHS Book.jpg

"Emotionally Healthy Spirituality"

Peter Scazzero

Embodied spirituality is viewing our faith in our lived experiences. Peter Scazzero shows how spiritual practices and a healthy understanding of oneself allows us to walk into our world in a more flourishing way.

Lofthe Ordinary .jpg

"Liturgy of the Ordinary"

Tish Warren Harrison

This little book is a simple book that holds some powerful practices for transformation.  She gives simple and practical experiences for how she has worked to bring the sacred into her everyday lived experiences such as making her bed.  You will find good company in this book.

Altar in the world .jpg

"Altar in the World"

Barbara Brown Taylor

How do we experience God in our everyday life experiences?  Barbara Brown Taylor gives us practical examples for how she has connected to the Divine in her simple daily activities.  Plus, she is a beautiful writer.

Riso and Hudson.jpg

"Discovering Your Personality Type"

Don Richard Riso &

Russ Hudson 

Enneagram work has helped me better understand myself and those around me. This is a comprehensive book that gives the reader an understanding of how and why the enneagram is so helpful.  There is a quiz to help the reader self-identify, but the rest of the book helps to confirm that.  Highly recommend for those exploring this great tool.

These are just a few to give you a taste for what I have found helpful. There are times when one resource might be a better fit then others and I am happy to direct you to something more tailored and helpful for the greatest benefit.


*Please note Buy Now buttons are affiliate links to 3rd party sites, however all recommendations are based on my personal & professional opinion.

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